Fall Fashion Highlights

Have you ever wanted to pretend to be Tyra and sit front row at a fashion show? Well I did last night. Have a peek…

Here are a few of the highlights from Woodgrove Centre’s #FallInFullColour fashion show fundraiser for the ever deserving Haven Society #gocommunity.

It must be my stage of life, but I was  digging the work attire and power suit action.  Come on, who doesn’t want to walk into work like “Boom! I look good! Let’s do this!”

Hudson Bay stole the show for me with their classy looks and their shoes right now are…making me zealous for shoes!!

Boom! Shoes! Pops of red! West Coast Functional and West Coast Class.

Slim suits on guys are so flattering.  Let’s upgrade the suits in the closet – it is worth every penny for a little more daaaamn.

Topaz! Loving this fall colour so much.

There’s a little glimpse!