5 Secrets to AirBnB

AirBnb is the way to travel.  Let me explain – People offer up their extra (currently empty) homes or apartments to tourists coming to their town looking to spend usually more than 1 night.

If you haven’t signed up for AirBnB yet, I can hook you up with a $45 CAD travel credit for your first AirBnB stay!

These AirBnB’s are often extra family homes that are not being used because the owner lives in another town and has inherited this property, or has another home to stay in a block or two away.  These homes are fully furnished and ready for you to open the door and pretend it’s your own.  They have everything you might need: cutlery, a fridge, TV, internet, and cozy beds to fall asleep in.

We are a family of 4 with two little ones, so this was by far the best way to travel for us.  We didn’t need to pack a play-pen for our baby to sleep in, we didn’t need to pack bedding.  The hosts provided everything we needed and more!  Some of the “and mores” that were provided were a run bike for our 4 year old, toys for both the little kids, a scooter, a high chair, extra pillows, food to eat upon arrival, drinks, cooking essentials. All we needed to pack was our clothes and shoes and away we went.


  • NEGOTIATE – This is not advertised, but you are able to contact the owner of the AirBnB property you are eyeing up without actually booking.  This allows you to touch base, introduce your situation, and provide your reasoning for your inquiry as to whether they are open to a lower rate.  Click on the hosts profile image (circular image), and it will bring you to their profile where you can message them directly without having to book your stay.
  • STAY AWHILE – If you stay longer than 28 days, most places will have a monthly discount which ranges around the 27% off mark.
  • LAST MINUTE – Last minute opportunities make negotiating easier.  If you are searching last minute for a place to stay, and seeing properties pop up for those dates, that means that someone out there doesn’t have anybody to stay in their place.  Hosts are more willing to decrease their rate, just to fill the home and gain some income as some income is better than none.
  • CANCELLATIONS – It is super important to eye up the host’s cancellation policy, as every host has set a different cancellation policy for their AirBnB.  Usually you end up looking at a lot of places to stay and the cancellations policies all get muddled together in your mind. Pay attention, in case you need to have a shorter cancellation policy, just in case something better comes up or you have a change in plans.
  • SPECIAL REQUESTS – If you have a special need or request make sure you expand the Amenities section in the description of the AirBnB place.  If there isn’t an option for the host to tell you that it is available, then you should click on the hosts profile image and send them a direct message prior to booking.  Hosts are very good at responding with helpful quick information.

Now get to it!  It’s so much fun, and it makes you feel like a local.  Don’t be timid, the hosts want you to be there, so they will help you arrive and enjoy your stay.  Let me know your AirBnB experiences and tips in the comments!